A study by: Dr. Hazir Farouk (Sudan University of Science and Technology) and Dr. Tirto Prakoso (Institute of Technology, Bandung in Indonesia)

Interest in production of  Jatropha curcas for oil production is growing in many developing countries. Besides it being a potential feedstock for production of biodiesel it’s also a useful by-product that can be used for other applications such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lubricants and more.

Sudan is an African country that can benefit significantly from producing Jatropha curcas. The country’s continuous and increasing demand for fossil fuel for both transport and energy sectors provides nothing but a driver for such production. Moreover engaging with such path inevitably help create many permanent jobs both within the biodiesel markets or within other smaller markets introduced through Jatropha’s by products.

While early stages of Jatropha oil production in Sudan needs well-informed research to determine the best soils, establishment processes and early management, there is potential for very large plantings once good plant genetics is available that are well suited to the Sudanese climate and growing conditions.

Dr. Hazir Farouk from Sudan University of Science and Technology and Dr. Tirto Prakoso from the Institute of Technology, Bandung in Indonesia, investigated the process for Biodiesel production from crude Jatropha oil sourced from Sudan.

Their adopted approach which involved a two step-trans esterification process yield promising results with both physical and chemical properties of the produced jatropha biodiesel lying within the regulated levels for the biodiesel component of a blended fuel (US ASTM standard D6751).

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Dr. Hazir Farouk Elhaj

Dr. Hazir is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Sudan University of Science & Technology and also a Board Member at the World BioEnergy Association.


Mohamed Alhaj

Dr. Mohamed Alhaj is a young energy leader, a competent sustainable energy consultant, and an expert researcher. He is the founder and managing director of Terra Energy - a Rwanda-based clean energy consulting firm.

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