EnergyWhat is Renewable Energy?


Renewable energy is energy derived from sources that replenish (or renew) quickly. The common examples are: solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, and hydropower. These sources are also clean and environmentally friendly and hence are sustainable. Although renewable energy (like solar energy) is free, yet, converting it to electricity and other energy forms (like heat) is not free and requires energy conversion devices (such as solar panels and wind turbines).

And speaking of energy conversion and forms, have developed an interactive online energy map which explains energy types, their interlinked nature, conversion processes, forms, distribution, and end uses. Check it out here.

Can we power the entire world with renewable energy?

Since renewable energy is “replenish-able” quickly and is also free, why can’t we power the whole world with it? Why are we still relying on fossil fuels?

The simple answer is because of two things: efficiency and cost. This Ted-Ed 6-min video by Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei explains this issue in a nice manner.