Haruna Inuwa

Blog Editor

Haruna Inuwa is a graduate of Petroleum Engineering (First Class Honours) and a final year student of MTech Production and Industrial Engineering at Sharda University. His research interest lies in the applications of Industry 4.0 technologies in the energy and manufacturing industry. His thesis is on the “Design of an Ecosystem to implement Industry 4.0 Technologies in the Indian MSMEs: An Interpretive Structural Modelling Approach.”

Haruna Inuwa has won 15 academic and non-academic awards both local and international. In February, 2021, he developed a model for Waste to Energy and Solid Waste Management. The said model was awarded as a City Winner for the Multi-city Challenge Africa powered by the United Nation Development Programme, The Governance Lab, University of New York, and African cities.

In October 2020, as a content strategist, he led the social media campaign for a Singapore-based FinTech Company, FemTech Partners, to win UK Impact in Singapore Award, 2020. He’s a freelance writer for Great Learning, an India’s leading online learning platform.

Haruna Inuwa also volunteers as a Grant Writer for the Educational Community Worldwide and also a contributing writer for the online media newspapers Saheliantimes and Nigerian Tracker. Some of his articles are featured on TheWayAhead magazine, the biggest magazine in the oil and gas industry owned by Society of Petroleum Engineers. He is the Mentorship Head and founder of Inspire Young People platform, a platform for mentorship and career guidance for the younger generation.

Haruna Inuwa is currently attached with ENGAUSA GLOBAL TECH HUB as a Junior Engineer where he designs off-grid solar power system for homes and construct mini- inverters, develop energy audit and perform analysis of an integrated renewable system.

Haruna is a loyal fan of Real Madrid, Rafa Nadal, and Lewis Hamilton. He is a disciple of Rumi and loves reading politically-inspired memoirs.

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