With so many organizations involved in renewable energy in Africa, from R&D to market research and funding, and many more initiatives as well, it becomes really hard to keep a track of who is doing what! This page is a mini-project that complies a list of the major organizations, partnerships, networks, programs, initiatives, and funding agencies involved in the African renewable energy market. These entities and programs have a significant impact on the market and are highly recommended for researchers and professionals looking for updated news, technical reports, policy analysis, and market studies. The list is divided into three categories:

Organizations, Partnerships, and Networks

These organizations, partnerships, and networks are actively involved in renewable energy in Africa through several activities such as: advocacy, market research, advisory to public and private sector, data provision, coordination of efforts, conducting technical studies, and other activities. Several of these entities are international organizations, and others are African-based and African focused.

Initiatives, Programs, and Funds

In addition to organizations, there are numerous African initiatives (or global initiatives with an active profile in Africa) and funding programs that target the African renewable energy industry or aim to support African countries transition to low-carbon technologies. The most notable is the African Renewable Energy Initiative.


There a number of organizations that provide comprehensive data on renewable energy technologies in Africa and general energy statistics which are very useful for researchers. The most important is probably the SDG7 Energy Progress Report (and database) by ESMAP.