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At Clean Energy 4 Africa, we strive to publish high quality content on all aspects of renewable energy. All submitted articles are reviewed by at least 1 subject matter expert. Below is our list of reviewers:

  • Dr. Mohamed Alhaj: Founder & Director of Clean Energy 4 Africa
  • Musadag Elzein: Project Manager at African European Development Agency
  • Dr. Hazir Farouk: Associate Professor at Sudan University of Science & Technology
  • Ivie (Omorhirhi) Ehanmo: Renowned multi-jurisdictional expert in the Energy Industry, particularly the Electricity Sector
  • Varun Khanna: Expert in distributed generation
  • Ailly Sheehama: Energy Consultant who is passionate about climate change issues, such as energy transition and climate finance

If you are interested in being a reviewer, please contact us at: [email protected]