Varun Khanna

Blog Editor, Consultant

Varun is a data scientist and consultant with an electrical engineering background. With over 20 years of experience in the power generation industry, he has travelled the world and has extensively designed and implemented power generation facilities and utility capital and asset management programs including the implementation of a number of renewable based microgrids and automation in the energy sector for Solar, Wind, Hydro, waste water and energy from waste. He likes to explore the relationships between numbers while uncovering and revealing the stories contained within the data. In the age of big data, these stories become realistic and valuable solutions and strategies for businesses. His data science knowledge has contributed and enhanced utilities and smart grid efforts through system modelling, outage detection and prediction and fraud detection. Varun has been involved with the development of machine learning based solutions and believes that this holds the key to the optimization required for energy transition. He sees a future that contains bidirectional power grids operating on a transactive platform. Varun has written a number of articles on transactive energy, decentralization of the grid and data driven decision making.

  • Canada