Akmal Alsagh

Blog Editor

Akmal is a mechanical engineering student who has a passion for solving real-life problems, and that was one of the reasons he was getting into the renewable energy field. His main interests the Hydropower and climate change. He was introduced to the renewable energy field in 2020, he thought of how to find a solution to the energy problem in Sudan. Since that he starts to work on a project which he calls “(GWVT) Project“, which is a new technology for Small & Micro hydropower plants.

From that point, he starts to learn more about the renewable energy field especially in the hydropower field, and gathering information and learning the needed skills and knowledge. He has good skills in technical writing, project management, and building teams, and strategic planning.

His contribution to the world is being a positive person and try to give a solution that can help in solving the energy problem in Sudan and thinking like a problem solver not as a gullible person.

  • Sudan