OrganizationsFurther Reading Resources

Additional sources to help you stay updated about the industry.

My favourite web sources for updates in the renewable energy industry:

  • This is one of the most resourceful websites and covers all renewable energy sources. I highly recommend subscribing to their magazine.
  • This is the offical website for the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) which is one of the oldest renewable energy societies in the world. The “Solar Today” magazine by ASES is one of the best I have been reading over the past 3 years. The magazine’s archive can be accessed here:
  • This is the offical website for the International Solar Energy Society (ISES); the oldest solar energy society in the world! This website is pretty useful and contains all the information about the Society’s events and conferences and much more.

Professional organizations conducting market research

Whether you are an academic, a professional, or just an enthusiast, the reports published by these organizations are invaluable, updated, cover a broad spectrum of applications and topics, and are highly reliable.

  • The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is the largest intergovernmental agency specialized in renewable energy. IRENA has a wealth of publications, webinars, conferences and workshops, and analysis tools that address the opportunities, potential, and challenges in the global renewable energy market.
  • BNEF stands for: Bloomberg New Energy Finance. BNEF is a market research firm that conducts indepth analysis of the economic and finanical aspects of low-carbon technologies (and a few other technologies too). BNEF publishes a number of interesting reports on the off-grid solar market and the access to finance challenges in developing world countries.
  • GOGLA is the global association for the off-grid solar market. This website is the place to go for anything on the off-grid solar market.

Onlines sources for scientific researchers

There are a ton of peer-reviewed journals on renewable energy! Below is a list of some of my favourite publishers (you have to search for individual journals in each publisher’s search engine):