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Clean Energy 4 Africa is a knowledge platform that aims to accelerate the sustainable energy transition in Africa. We are a platform by Terra Energy Ltd., a Rwanda-based clean energy consultancy firm.

We are a member of the Youth Sustainable Energy Hub

Clean Energy 4 Africa (CE4A) is the knowledge hub of Terra Energy Ltd., which promotes renewable energy in Africa. Our mission is to accelerate the sustainable energy transition in Africa by developing youth capacity. CE4A was founded by Dr. Mohamed Alhaj, a Sudanese renewable energy engineer and researcher, in July 2019.

We work towards our mission by providing thoughtful and updated articles on the African renewable energy market, latest technology trends, project updates, renewable energy engineering fundamentals, educational courses, academic and educational opportunities, career opportunities, and professional development content. We also conduct regular webinars and interactive online events to engage our community and foster new partnerships.

In addition to our advocacy work, we also provide tailored consultancy services for businesses and intl. organizations through our parent company, Terra Energy Ltd. Reach out to us at: [email protected] to learn more.

Clean Energy 4 Africa has been recognized by the UN Major Group for Youth & Children (through the SDG7 Youth Constituency) as being among the top 98 youth-based initiatives that support SDG 7 . See our work featured here:https://youthsehub.org/

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Teaming with CE4A was an opportunity that allowed me to show my enthusiasm to clean energy and my support to Africa’s clean energy community. I’m very proud of the team and the achievements we did together. Let’s keep the energy up!

Zulfa Rasheed
Volunteers Program Coordinator (2020)

It has been a wonderful time at CE4A! Being part of the CE4A family is an exciting experience. Further, it was a challenging stride that pushed me to not only satisfy my passion towards renewable energy but rather to try something new! I’m so grateful that I had the chance to meet a dynamic and smart team that offers holistic assistance when needed.

Sadah Muawad
Programs Manager (2020)

CE4A has left a unique mark in my career development and personal life…endless opportunities with professional mates. I am really grateful for being one of them.

Babiker Yousuf
Programs Manager (2020)

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  1. Thanks for your enlightening us on clean energy. My daughter is to join university in kenya to do a course in renewable energy and environmental
    Physics. Is it agood course for undergraduate ?

    1. Hi Roselyne,

      The course sounds interesting. Determining whether its good or not for your daughter depends on what she intends to learn? What are her interest? and what are her future goals?

  2. hi this is Adam
    Am applied physics graduated and I was fascinating by solar cell since college days and read many research paper and what’s got my attention the 4th generation of solar cell which ‘s used the peroveskite material to manufacturing solar cell and experimental reach the highest performance ever made it’s 32% conversion .

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